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Doctoral Candidate: Tim Julian Wörmann


Host institution: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Project: Mode converters for use in free space communication


Tim Wörmann obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Paderborn in 2021, where he specialized in high-resolution x-ray diffraction of cubic gallium nitride. He then went on to complete his Master of Science in Physics, also at the University of Paderborn, with a focus on entangled two-photon absorption.

Project Objectives:

• Design, fabricate and demonstrate operation of HOM mode converter for mid-infrared spectral range.

• Investigate signal-to-noise dynamic range in free space sensing links using HOMs with orbital angular momentum.

• Demonstrate frequency translation of the HOMs with angular momentum.

Expected Results: Design, fabrication and characterization of HOM fibre mode converters for SiO2 based fibres in collaboration with RISE. Fabrication of similar components for the mid-infrared spectral range at KTH. Use of the components to realize free-space transmission link for near infrared and mid-infrared at KTH. Use of fabricated HOM fibre components for pure spatial mode formation and translation in backward optical parametric oscillator. The design and experiments will be performed at KTH and DTU secondment.