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Doctoral Candidate: Iñaki Beraza


Host Institution: Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Project: LP modes for quantum Communication


Iñaki Beraza received his bachelor’s degree in physics at UPV, Bilbao, Spain. Then he did a master’s degree in theoretical physics at Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain. He then went on to pursue a double master's degree through the Erasmus Mundus program on Innovative Microwave, Electronics, and Optics (EMIMEO), where he had the opportunity to study in three different countries: France, Italy, and the UK. For his thesis, he worked on Kernel Methods for Optical Transceiver Improvement.

Project Objectives:

  • Simple optical MIMO, for mode separation.
  • Mode division multiplexing of single photons.
  • High-dimensional QKD.

Expected Results: 

High speed optical communication using MIMO free transmission through few mode fibres. Defining a protocol for using mode-groups to create a high dimensional quantum state.First time demonstration of distribution of high dimensional quantum keys using few mode optical fibres.